How To Unminify Your CSS Files

How To Unminify Your CSS Files: A post about using a service for minifying your CSS files.

Why You Should Be Minifying Your CSS, JavaScript and HTML: A post about the benefits of minifying your CSS files.

How to Minify Your CSS with PHP: A post about minifying your CSS files with PHP.

How To Unminify Your CSS Files: A post about using a service for minifying your CSS files.

If you’re not familiar with the term, “minification” is something done to files to reduce size. This is most often used on JavaScript and CSS files in production environments, to reduce the file size and thus make the page load faster. If you work on a development environment and want to view the minified code that comes from your production site, it’s a pain to read. There are several methods of unminifying CSS and JS code, but here are two very easy ones:

Have you ever minified your CSS files? This is a process that removes all white spaces, tabs, and carriage returns from the original file. The benefit of doing this is that the resulting CSS file will be smaller in size, which means that it will transfer faster to the client.

There are several tools that allow you to minify your CSS files, but what can you do if you need to make a change to a minified file? You certainly don’t want to make changes to the minified version of the file because it would be impossible to read and make changes to it. Well, there is an easy way to make this process painless.

Minify is a program that can be used to compress CSS files. Minify is available for free. An alternative to Minify (if you do not want to install and use it) is to use this online service.

Using the online service

When you are on the website, click the Choose File button and select your .css file. You can then select whether you wish the resulting code to be compressed in one line or if you want each rule to get its own line. You can choose between 3 different formats: Compressed, Expanded and Compact.

The result will then be presented below. There is also a download link which will allow you to download the new (unminified) file as a .css file.

I am not a CSS specialist, so I needed help with some of the formatting on my website. Because I was just trying to figure out what was wrong, I used an online CSS unminifier. This post is about that.

I found this site when trying to figure out how to unminify CSS.

I use Jetpack from for a lot of things on my website, including analytics and contact forms. The day after I added the contact form, however, I started getting spam submissions through it. A lot of spam submissions.

I wanted to see if there was anything in the form code that would indicate why the form was being spammed so much, so I started looking at the page source code and saw that it had been minified (made as small as possible by removing whitespace).

I turned off minification in Jetpack and started looking through the source code again. Everything looked okay until I got to the CSS files that controlled how the contact form looked. There were a lot of them, and they were all minified!

Since I am not a CSS expert, I needed to be able to look at the files in their non-minified format, so I Googled “unminify css”

The other day I was working on a project with a bunch of CSS files I downloaded. The problem is that they were minified which made them difficult to edit. That’s when I decided to create an application that would unminify those files and make them human readable again.

The result of the app can be found at It currently supports unminifying JavaScript and CSS.

How to unminify CSS?

Some months ago, I was working on a WordPress theme. This theme was coming with some CSS files which were minified. I hate when the code is minified and I wasn’t sure about the origin of these files. So, I decided to unminify them in order to understand how they were built. The following paragraphs explain how you can do that easily.

How to minify CSS?

To minify means to make smaller by removing unnecessary characters from CSS file without altering its functionality. For example, remove all new lines , multiple white spaces, comments etc. You can use tools like Minify or YUI Compressor for CSS Minification on your own web site.

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