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A blog that explains what a beautifier is and how it works. It details the advantages of pretty printing your source code and how to use a PHP Beautifier script to do it.

Scripts are available to make it easier for you to beautify your PHP code. The PHP Beautifier is one of these scripts, which in this case is a command line application. The PHP Beautifier can be installed using the PEAR installer, but it will also run without PEAR being installed.

To install the script without PEAR, download the archive from the main PHP Beautifier page and extract it on a web host that has PHP installed. To install using PEAR, open a shell and enter:

$pear install phpbeautifier

Now you can use phpbeautifier from the command line. For example:

$phpbeautifier somescript.php > prettycode.php

The script will output pretty printed code to the screen, or in this case to a file called prettycode.php

The PHP Beautifier is a free and open source tool written in PHP that allows you to completely reformat and beautify your source code. It will add proper indentation and whitespace, align your variables, line up the operators in your expressions, strip out unnecessary comments and whitespace, convert all of your keywords to lowercase or uppercase, and generally make the code easier on the eyes.

In this blog post I will be explaining what a PHP Beautifier is, why you would want to use it and how it works.

PHP Beautifier is an open source project founded by [John Kramlich] in 2001. In 2005, the project passed to a new lead developer, [Tonio Omologo]. PHP Beautifier is a set of three PHP scripts (two if you don’t need syntax highlighting) that hook into each other to provide a nice looking output for your PHP code. The output can be styled with CSS and has line numbering.

PHP Beautifier is a source code beautifier for the PHP programming language. It automatically formats programming source code, to make it easier to read and understand. It makes code easier to read and use.

PHP Beautifier has many features, including: converting keywords to lowercase or uppercase, converting strings and variables to lowercase or uppercase, changing tabs to spaces, adding or removing newlines and whitespace, sorting of PHP functions or ini directives alphabetically, merging double empty lines into one empty line, adding extra empty lines around PHP blocks (e.g. function declarations), aligning assignments (=), aligning double arrows (=>) in arrays, indenting HEREDOCs and NOWDOCs properly according to their context, handling complex ternary operators properly, removing trailing whitespace at the end of each line, automatic fixing of unbalanced brackets (“{}”), support for special HEREDOC syntax when the closing tag is indented with whitespace (as allowed by the PHP Manual), support for complex syntax like nested ternary operators and inline control structures inside strings, support for alternative control structures as defined by PEAR’s PHP_CodeSniffer (including exceptions) and Squiz (formerly known as MySource).

Web developer software that cleans up php code and makes it more readable. This gives you a huge advantage because it is easier to read, edit and debug your php script as well as make your code look more professional.

Beautifiers are a simple way of fixing code indentation errors without having to fix it manually. So if you have a huge php script with hundreds of lines of code and for some reason the indentation is messed up and there are all these strange symbols, then using a beautifier will definitely help.

A PHP beautifier takes your messy PHP code and reformats it into a more readable format. It does its best to preserve the original code’s meaning and intent, but the exact formatting of the output depends on the beautifier you use.

While some programmers prefer to write code without tabs, spaces or new lines, most people find that well-formatted code is easier to read. And if you’re using a text editor that doesn’t automatically format your code for you, a PHP beautifier can save you a lot of time and energy.

You’ve probably noticed that there are several different ways to “beautify” your php code. Some of them make your code look very different than the source (which may be useful if you’re trying to make it hard for others to steal your work). Others are less invasive, but still provide cleaner looking results.

You can use any number of these tools to create customized formatting for your projects. The main thing is that you choose one that meets your needs in terms of syntax highlighting, code completion and other features.

PHP beautifier is a process for “beautifying” PHP code. It does this by fixing indentation and spacing, as well as syntax highlighting.

Beautifying code is different than formatting. For example, you might want to add a space before or after a function name, but you don’t want to change the way the function is formatted.

Some IDEs and text editors have built-in support for beautification, but others do not. In those cases, you can use a command line tool or web service to beautify your code.

Most of these tools are written in PHP and will run on any operating system that has PHP installed. Some of them are available as web services and can be used without having to install anything.

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