How To Find Your Bra Size

Finding the right bra size can be confusing. First, you will need a measuring tape and pen to write your measurements down.

Put on a thin shirt and no bra. Then, measure your bust width by bringing the tape measure around your back and across the fullest part of your breasts. Write this measurement down.

Next, measure your band size by bringing the tape measure around yourself at the bottom of your breasts and bring it around the front to meet in the middle of your back. Write this measurement down.

Find the difference between these two numbers by subtracting one from another (band width – bust width). Round up to the nearest even number if necessary. This number is going to help you figure out what cup size you are. For example, if there is a difference of 5 inches, you are a C-cup; 6 inches = D-cup; 7 inches = DD-cup; 8 inches = DDD-cup; 9 inches = DDDD-cup; 10 inches= F-cup; 11 inches = G-cup; 12 inches = H-cup; 13 inches= I-cup; 14 inches= J-cup; 15 inches= K-cup. That’s it! You now know what bra size you are

How to Find Your Bra Size: A Guide

Finding your correct bra size is the most important thing when you are trying to find a great fitting bra. You could have the best looking bras in the world, but if they don’t fit properly, then what’s the point? Wearing a bra that fits you properly does so much for your confidence and your overall look. The difference can be drastic and wonderful.


Breast shape

There are many different breast shapes and sizes out there in the world, some more extreme than others. Below are some examples of breast shapes that will help you figure out which one you are.

1 Asymmetrical breasts: one breast is larger than the other

2 Bell shape breasts: slim at the top, fuller at the bottom

3 East/West breasts: nipples pointing outward/towards each other

4 Round breasts: similar fullness all over the breast

5 Sagging breasts: lower on the chest wall, nipples facing down

6 Side set breasts: space between breasts, wider root than round shaped breasts.

How to Measure Your Bra Size

Now that you know your breast shape, it’s time to figure out how to measure yourself for a new bra

Are you wearing the right bra size? Probably not. According to a recent survey, 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. But how do you find your bra size?

1. The best way to find your bra size is to get fitted by a professional or use an online calculator.

2. Use the following steps to determine if your bra fits properly:

3. Put on your best-fitting, non-padded bra. Make sure it’s fastened on the loosest hook so that you can tighten it as needed.

4. Bend over and try to touch the floor with your hands. If your breasts spill out at the front or sides, or if your back bulges with flesh, then your bra is too small for you.

5. Stand up straight, put your hands on your waist, and breathe in and out deeply – if your back bulges or flesh spills out from under the band, then it’s too big for you and doesn’t provide enough support.

6. Raise your arms above your head without taking off the bra. If the band rides up at the back, then it is too big for you and needs tightening; if there are gaps between the cups and your breast tissue at the top, bottom or

If you’re not sure of your bra size, this guide will help you find the right fit.

Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit can be pretty uncomfortable. If your bra is too tight, it can dig in and cause soreness. If it’s too loose, it won’t give you the level of support you need.

So how do you find out your correct size? There are two steps to getting measured:

Step 1: Get measured by someone who works at a retailer that sells bras.**Step 2: Use our Bra Size Chart to find out your bra size based on your measurements.**

If you’re still not sure about your bra size, or how to measure yourself for a bra, we have more info below.

Finding the right bra size can be a challenge, but once you know your measurements, it’s easier to shop for the right bra type.

Measurement Tips:

• Make sure you are wearing a non-padded bra when taking measurements.

• When taking measurements, stand straight and don’t breathe in or out.

• If you are between two sizes, choose the larger size.

• If your measurement is an odd number, round up to the next even number.

A lot of women do not know their true bra size. Getting fitted for a bra is the best way to know your size but only about 10% of women actually take the time to get fitted.

When you wear a bra that is not your size, it can cause a number of problems. A bra that does not fit well can be extremely uncomfortable and can cause a lot of physical pain. Wearing a bra that does not fit well can also make you look heavier than you actually are and can lead to back problems or even permanent damage to your breasts and back.

A good fitting bra will not be too tight or pinch the skin, it will not ride up in the back, nor will it dig into your shoulders and leave red marks on your skin. A good fitting bra will be comfortable enough to sleep in and will hold your breasts in place while they are moving around during exercise.

This guide is designed to help you figure out whether or not your bra fits correctly, how to find your correct size, how to measure yourself at home, and how often you should get measured.

Knowing your bra size is essential in order to get the perfect fit from a bra. When buying a new bra, even if you have been wearing the same size for years, it is always recommended to remeasure yourself since our bodies change over time. If you are unsure about the correct size or just want a second opinion on the fit of your bras, then we recommend getting fitted at our shop.

To measure yourself right at home there are two steps: (1) measuring your band size and (2) measuring your cup size. There are different ways to measure but here we provide you with the most common way of doing so.

Step 1: Measuring Your Band Size

To start off with, you need a cloth tape measure. It can be tricky to stretch out while taking measurements so having someone else giving you the measurements is always recommended.

Measuring your chest: Use the cloth tape measure and place it under your bust, wrapping it around your back and bringing it forward to the front of your chest (see below). It should be snug but not too tight; make sure that it is level all around. The tape measure should touch your skin, but not indent into it. Round up or down as needed to get an even number measurement. If

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