Introducing the Newest Version of GitHUB & Codespace

Introducing the Newest Version of GitHUB & Codespace

GitHub has now launched a new version of GitHub Codespaces. It’s a comprehensive development environment within GitHub, which allows you to code in the browser and thus get rid of the need for local setup.

This is especially helpful if you wish to start coding right away, or if your repository can be used as a starting point for new contributors. This results in a more straightforward onboarding process and an overall better developer experience.

Today, we’re announcing general availability of GitHub Codespaces, an online version of your local development environment, integrated directly into GitHub. With Codespaces, you get a full-featured development environment in the cloud that you can access from anywhere and that works consistently across operating systems.

We’re also announcing the availability of Visual Studio IntelliCode for Java. IntelliCode helps improve code quality and reduce bugs by surfacing intelligent suggestions based on what’s being done in thousands of open source repositories on GitHub. It’s available in preview for Java today and will be available for Python later this year.

With GitHub Codespaces, you can build faster with instant dev environments: In one click, you can spin up a fully configured dev environment without leaving GitHub. It’s as easy as clicking “Code” on any repo to open a browser-based version of Visual Studio Code with all your favorite extensions, key bindings, and settings. Your development environment is automatically ready to go—just clone the repo and start coding immediately.

If you work in a team setting and use pull requests, codespaces makes it easy to collaborate across different machines: Team members can instantly see each other’s changes side-by-side and provide feedback—even if they are using different operating systems or

GitHub Codespaces is a project that aims to make coding in the browser a first-class experience. Our mission is to bring the benefits of cloud-hosted development environments to everyone who codes, by providing a best-in-class IDE on GitHub, built using open source.

Our goals for this project are to:

Provide a seamless and consistent experience for developers working on any platform, including Windows, macOS, and Linux

Offer an integrated experience with GitHub projects, repositories, pull requests and issues

Support popular languages and frameworks used by GitHub developers

Be highly performant so developers can have the same fluid experience they expect from an IDE on their local machine

We’re excited to announce Codespaces: a complete dev environment within GitHub, accessible from any browser.

With Codespaces, you can code in the cloud and work on your projects from anywhere. You’ll get a ready-to-code development environment that will increase productivity by reducing onboarding times so you can start contributing immediately.

We’ve been experimenting with codespaces for months and are thrilled by how teams are already using it to work together, including both new and existing users of GitHub. We’ve seen maintainers use codespaces to help contributors get started faster, developers use it during code reviews to test changes without needing to setup their own environment, and teams use it to share a common development experience.

Today we’re opening a limited beta of Codespaces that supports VS Code as the editor in your browser and is integrated with GitHub pull requests and actions. We’ll be expanding the beta in the coming weeks as we launch support for additional editors, regions, features and more.

For more than ten years, GitHub has been the place where millions of developers come together to collaborate and build software. With over 40 million developers and more than 100 million repositories, GitHub is the largest host of source code in the world.

Today we’re announcing a new version of GitHub which includes unlimited free private repositories for all accounts, an updated UI, and more. This is the biggest update on our developer platform since we launched Actions last year. It’s another step toward our vision of making GitHub accessible to everyone—from aspiring programmers learning to code for the first time to experienced engineers working on projects with their teams.

Our new Home view is a fresh start page each time you log in or open a new tab. It provides you with personalized suggestions based on your recent activity to help you get back into the flow quickly. You can also see your recently active repositories and bookmark them for easy access later on.

We’re excited to introduce Codespaces, an upcoming feature that gives you a complete coding environment in your browser, powered by GitHub. With the new GitHub Codespaces experience, you can spin up a fully-featured dev environment with just one click.

We’re introducing Codespaces in limited public beta today and will be rolling out more broadly in the coming months. Sign up for early access here.

Codespaces is also available for private preview for teams using GitHub Enterprise. To learn more about how your team can use Codespaces, contact our sales team or your account executive.

Today, GitHub is more than just a place to host and share code. It’s the home for millions of developers and projects across the world where people build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub. With today’s updates, we’re making it easier for you to get started with coding on GitHub—and also to ship code from GitHub to any cloud.

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