A WordPress Plugin that Shows you Code Snippets on your Website

CodeHub is a WordPress plugin that we’ve developed to show code snippets on your website. The plugin has many advanced features, and you can use it to show all kinds of code samples, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

With the CodeHub plugin, you can also easily integrate PHP code into your pages, and there is also a syntax highlighter built in which will highlight the code for you.

The CodeHub Plugin is also very easy to use; just install it on your WordPress site and then activate it. Once activated, the plugin will start working automatically.

To insert a code snippet on your site, simply write an article or post as normal and then add the shortcode [codehub] before your first line of code. You can place this shortcode anywhere in your post or article; there are no limits to where you can put it.

Once added, the plugin will then grab the code from your post or article and display it on your site in a clean style that is easy to read.

The CodeHub Plugin also comes with many other features, including:

codehub is a WordPress plugin that lets you easily add code snippets and examples to your blog posts, pages, and widgets by using a special shortcode. The code will be highlighted and displayed on your webpage without any ads or other distractions.

codehub has many features the others don’t have:

It’s completely free to use. There is no “lite” version and all of the features are included in the plugin with no limitations whatsoever.

It’s fast, lightweight, and doesn’t use any external resources (no ads, tracking, or calls to third-party servers).

It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create your own custom styles for displaying code snippets on your website.

It’s perfect for showing visitors how to get started with the tools you recommend.

CodeHub is a WordPress Plugin that lets you easily insert code snippets into your pages. The plugin features syntax highlighting, and a wide range of code languages, as well as the ability to specify tab size.

The plugin works by using a simple shortcode, which will let you enter in the code in a text area:

[codehub language=”php”]your code here[/codehub]

It’s easy to use and does not require any configuration.

The CodeHub plugin allows you to integrate code snippets into your pages. The plugin is composed of a simple admin panel that allows you to create sections and specify the programming language used in that section.

The plugin also lets you choose which types of files you want to show. You can choose between showing only the source code, a source code with syntax highlighting or a source code with line numbers.

In my day job I am writing a lot of code so I have decided to integrate some of it on this blog. I have done this via a WordPress plugin that I created myself.

Within the plugin you can create a shortcode and then use it in your posts. You can visit the plugin page here: plugin.

The plugin creates a shortcode that allows you to display lines of code on your website in three ways:

1) You can upload a file from your computer and then display it either partially or in full.

2) You can paste code directly into the editor on the page itself.

3) You can write code directly into the editor without displaying it to viewers and then use that code to automatically output some other information.

CodeHub is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add code snippets on your website in a very simple manner. It is created by me – Arshid, who runs the website WordPress Arena.

To use this plugin, you have to simply install it, activate it and put the [code] shortcode with the ID of the snippet you want to display anywhere you like.

The plugin has a very clean interface that allows you to manage all your code snippets without any hassle.

When any code snippet is updated via the edit screen, then a new revision is saved just like any other post/page would, which means you can revert if something goes wrong or compare changes between revisions.

There are a lot of WordPress plugins available for developers, who wish to add code snippets for users, but that’s not the case for CodeHub. CodeHub is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add code snippets to your posts and pages, without having to install any other plugins.

CodeHub has a simple user interface and also includes a number of features that make it all the more useful for developers. Advanced features include support for multiple programming languages, downloading or copying of code snippets, custom styling options and more.

Another great feature about this plugin is that it lets you choose from a number of themes from the Customizer settings. There are two color schemes on offer: light and dark. You can also customize various elements like font family, font size, padding etc., as per your preferences.

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