How to Make a Game in Google Blockly!

How to Make a Game in Google Blockly! : A step by step tutorial on creating a game in blockly.

Are you familiar with Scratch? Want to get started with Google Blockly? This is the instructable for you! Google Blockly allows you to make simple games, and this instructable will show you how!

To get started, open your web browser (I recommend Chrome) and type in into the address bar. When the page loads, click on the “Maze” link under the “Learn” heading of the sidebar on the left side of the screen. When it loads, click on “Start”. You will be brought to another page with a maze and arrow buttons. Click on them and try playing around with it for a bit.

This is a step by step tutorial on creating a game in Google Blockly, which can be played at the end.

The game was created by Praveen, who writes at It is based on the google blockly engine, and uses javascript and html5 to create the game. The engine, along with the code for this game can all be found on github –

The game itself was inspired by Simon Says, a classic electronic handheld game from the 1980s (If you’ve heard of it but don’t know how to play it, go to wikipedia to get an idea). All images and audio were downloaded from

In this tutorial we will see how to create a simple page for our game, how to include blockly on our page (google’s blockly library), and how to use blockly’s blocks and interface to create our own programmable blocks. After that we will see how to run the code we write using these blocks in blockly’s interpreter, and finally how to integrate our blocks with javascript so they can control events in the game.

This is a tutorial on how to make a game in Google Blockly! If you do not know what Google Blockly is, then it is a web-based, graphical programming language. It provides various code blocks that can be used to create programs in simple steps.

Step 1: Installing and Running Google Blockly

To run Google Blockly, you need to navigate to the app page found here:

The maze game should load almost instantly, but if there is any lag then just wait for it to load completely. Once the maze game has loaded, click on the toolbox button on the left side of the screen. A menu will pop up with different blocks of code that can be used in your program. You will see options like ‘Logic’ and ‘Loops’ and more; these are all the different categories of code blocks available for you to use in your program. Now click on ‘Variables’ and you should see a new set of blocks pop up with options like ‘create a variable’ and ‘set variable’ and so on. These are all variables that we can use for our program!

Hey guys! Today I will be showing you how to make a game in Google Blockly! It’s a great way to learn programming, and it’s free.

First, you must make an account.

NOTE: Make sure you write your username and password down somewhere safe because you will need them later. The program is not very good at reminding you of your username and password, so don’t get locked out of your account!

Next, go to the “Home” section of their website at and click on “Maze.” You should see a screen like this one:


You need to log in now. It should say “Sign in with Google” below the picture of the robot. Click on that and type in your username and password that you signed up with.

Let’s learn how to make a game in the Google Blockly tool! This article will help you make a simple game that utilizes math and logic, requiring little to no coding knowledge. Learn how to make a game with this step by step tutorial!

Setting Up Your Work Space

First things first, let’s set up our work space! In the top left corner of your screen, click the “Drawing” button. Next, click on the icon with a pencil and a plus sign. This should bring up a blank canvas for you to start drawing. If you are having trouble finding these buttons, refer to the image below:

Choosing Your Theme

This next part is going to be about choosing your theme and setting up your graphics for your game. For this tutorial we will be making a simple platformer game that requires logic. To start off, we need to make some sprites for our game, so first things first: what is your theme? For my example I chose an underwater theme since it lends itself well to the platformer genre. I have included a few examples of some sprites that I made below:

After making your sprites (don’t worry if they aren’t perfect–the point is learning) you should export them as PNG files so you

Google Blockly is a visual programming language developed by Google. It can be used to create interactive games and applications. This tutorial will walk you through making your first game in Blockly.

Set up the programming environment

1. Go to blockly-games or the google blockly website, and click on the Game section.

2. Find any game that contains the blocks you want in your game.

3. Click “Show Code” at the bottom of your screen, then click “JavaScript”. A box will pop up with a bunch of code inside it. Copy all of this code into a text editor of your choice (preferably notepad++ as it has syntax highlighting). Save this file as .html.

4. Open up this file in chrome (or another browser) and you should see the game you chose earlier! You can now use this as a template for your own game! Note: If you are using a different browser, make sure that you enable JavaScript, as it is required for Blockly to work properly.

5. If you want to add more blocks or change how they work, then open up another tab in your browser and go back to blockly-games or google blockly and edit blocks there until they are

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