Meet Typeform

Building a beautiful, usable form can be tricky. And building one that’s accessible to everyone is even trickier.

But you don’t have to be a designer or developer to build a beautiful form. With the right design tools—and an understanding of how and when to use them—you too can create great-looking forms that users actually want to use.

Today we’re excited to introduce Typeform: an exciting new tool for making beautiful forms. We think it’s the perfect complement to your existing design toolkit. And we’d love for you to try it out.

Typeform is a new kind of tool that helps you create beautiful and engaging online forms, surveys, quizzes, landing pages, and much more.

Typeforms are easy to make and refreshing to take. You can create one in minutes, even if you’re not a designer, and they look great on any device. They’re also incredibly intuitive for respondents to complete—one at a time or on the go.

With Typeform’s new platform, you can create a form or survey from scratch or pick from over 100 templates—all with insightful data in mind. Combine simple multiple-choice questions with more sophisticated ones that let respondents type in their own answers or upload images. Add personality with custom fonts and graphics and make it fun with videos and GIFs.

We’ll show you how to do all of this in our forthcoming posts. For now, take a look around and see how you like the new place!

Typeform is the first major product to come out of a new Barcelona-based startup. The company was founded by two designers who were frustrated with the lack of good quality online forms. They set out to create a new tool to make creating beautiful online forms as easy as drag and drop, with no coding required.

“We’re not trying to replace Google Forms,” cofounder David Okuniev told me. “That’s an easy way to collect information already. But we want to give you the power to design your form exactly the way you want.”

Typeform uses a simple interface that allows you to add text fields, images, videos, and more with just a few clicks. You can also style the form any way you like by changing colors, backgrounds, and fonts. When you’re done designing your form, it’s published automatically on the web. It can be embedded on any website or shared via email or social media.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to code,” Okuniev says. “You can still create something that looks great.”

If you’re a developer, you know how much time it takes to build beautiful, functional forms. If you’re not a developer, you know how expensive and frustrating it can be to hire one.

Typeform is an all-in-one form creation, team collaboration, data collection and analysis tool that lets anyone create beautiful forms in minutes. A Typeform looks great on any device and will make your form fun to fill out—you can even add a bit of humor.

Today we’re announcing a new integration with Zapier that lets you easily connect Typeform to over 400 apps.

With the new Typeform app for Zapier, you can automate your workflow by connecting Typeform to other popular web apps like Google Sheets, MailChimp or Trello.

Typeform is a Barcelona-based startup that wants to make the Internet more beautiful by letting people create gorgeous forms.

They’re making it super easy for anyone to create beautiful, smart looking forms. They’re so easy that you can create one in seconds.

Their aim is to help any business or individual collect information from their customers using a form that looks beautiful and feels like a conversation.

They offer an incredibly intuitive interface and tons of customization options. But if you’re feeling lazy, you can always use one of their templates and just tweak little things like colors and text.

Their pricing model is really simple: they offer two plans. The Free plan allows you to create as many forms as you want, but limits the number of responses per month to 100 (which is plenty for most people). The Pro plan costs $29/month and lets you get an unlimited number of responses per month, plus several other features.

If you’re a human being in the 21st century, you probably have lots of ideas for things you’d like to do on the web. It could be something practical, like setting up an online store or booking system. Or maybe it’s an idea for a cool new service—the next Instagram or Airbnb.

But there’s one thing holding you back: building the web app. You need to hire a developer, and that costs serious money.

Or does it?

We’ve been talking to people just like you—people who want to build apps—and they tell us two things: first, they don’t have lots of money lying around; and second, they don’t want to learn how to code.

Today we’re changing all that with the launch of Typeform.

In the past, tools like Typeform were only available to people with a strong technical background. The average person had to rely on third parties like Wufoo or Formstack.

Today, Typeform is launching publicly and it’s a product that doesn’t require any coding skills. The goal is that anyone should be able to create a form without any technical expertise. We’ve used it to create forms for clients and have found it extremely effective in helping us capture information from our users.

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