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Codehub is a blog about innovative and interesting computer languages. We’ll teach you how to program in them, and what they can be used for. Every month we’ll review the best new languages that have come out, like:

– Ruby: a web programming language that uses indentation instead of curly braces

– Ook!: a language based on the sound made by orangutans

– LOLCODE: the language that’s sweeping the nation!

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Codehub is the world’s best place to read about computer languages. We cover both the popular ones, like Python and Java, and the obscure ones that only a few people know about.

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Python is a great computer language. The syntax is simple and code is highly readable. It’s also an old language, so it’s proven to be stable.

But even though Python is very mature, it’s not getting stale. It’s been around so long that there are libraries for every possible application in the world. It also has a thriving open source community.

Ruby is a great computer language too! The syntax is beautiful and code is very understandable. It’s also a newer language, so it continues to be improved on an ongoing basis.

Ruby doesn’t have as many libraries as Python, but there are still a lot of them! Ruby has a healthy open source community that keeps improving those libraries, and adding new ones too.

Codehub is a great online resource for learning coding languages. You can explore our many tutorials, resources, and guides to learn amazing programming languages such as HTML5 or Python. If you’re looking for a community of like-minded coders and programmers, Codehub is the place to be!

We’re a community of developers from around the world who love to learn and teach about code. Our mission is to provide a place for people to write about their favorite programming languages and frameworks, and share these posts with others who are just as passionate about code.

For over a hundred years, scientists and engineers have been able to do more and more with less and less: a million transistors on a chip, a million bytes in a floppy. But this trend can’t continue indefinitely. There is only so far we can stretch the laws of physics. The amount of computation you can cram into a cubic inch of silicon has hit a wall.

The computer has become like the internal combustion engine, capable of doing more with less—but only up to a point. For example, cars get better gas mileage than they used to, but they aren’t free yet. Cars have gotten better because engineers have figured out how to do more with less at every stage of design: lighter chassis, higher-efficiency motors, better aerodynamics. But there’s only so far you can go along these lines. After all these years, cars still need gas.

It’s tempting to think that computers are different from cars in this way: that computers will keep getting more powerful without limit and will eventually be free!

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