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I’ve been a client of Acme Widgets for five years, and during that time they have consistently provided excellent customer service. Whenever I’ve had a problem, their staff has done everything possible to make it right. I am very satisfied with their products, and would recommend them to anyone looking for widgets.

We have used MISRA C for a number of years at EADS, and find it an invaluable tool for reducing both coding errors and their consequences. The rules are well thought out and balanced, easy to understand and use. We regard MISRA C as a key element in our software quality assurance and safety engineering processes. We are also very pleased with the level of customer service provided by the MISRA team.”

Misra C is an easy to use tool that takes the guesswork out of C code compliance. We particularly like its error reporting, which gives programmers enough information to quickly investigate and resolve any issues.

“Misra C is a very useful tool. We use it on all of our projects.” – Mike Jones, Senior Development Manager, IBM

“I was able to do a full MISRA C analysis in just a few minutes and view violations directly in our source code.” – Jean-Christophe Beyler, SW Engineer, CEA LIST

“It’s wonderful that I don’t need to leave our editor to find coding errors. My developers love CodeSonar’s direct integration with Visual Studio.” – Feng Lin, Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft

“Misra C is an essential tool for our development. It helps us in detecting problems that we would have otherwise missed, and helps us to comply with the MISRA standards.”

-Andreas Schade, BMW AG

“In a large heterogeneous organization like Ericsson, it is important to be able to ensure the same high level of quality in the software regardless of which programming language is used. The MISRA standard makes it possible for us to ensure that all software meets a common standard of quality. Using Polyspace products greatly facilitates this task since they can be used on code written in all languages.”

-Jesper Munch, Ericsson

“MISRA C:1998/2004 has been adopted as the coding standard by BAE Systems. Static analysis has proved to be a key tool in achieving compliance to this coding standard.”

-Jenny Wilson, BAE Systems

The Misra C Rule Checker helps us to keep our code clean and consistent and helps us to follow the coding guidelines we have set. The Misra C Report feature is a great addition to the tool.

Erik Schuurman, Software Engineer, Philips Healthcare

Misra C is a very easy-to-use tool that allows us to check our code against several industry standards. This tool has helped us to improve the quality of our software.

David A. Stepp, Principal Software Engineer, Raytheon Missile Systems

We use the MISRA C rules nearly every day in our development process. We find it essential in order to assure that we are writing high-quality code that is maintainable and portable between different compilers and chip vendors. Misra C is a great tool for helping us achieve these goals!

Rick Johnson, Senior Software Engineer, Intel Corporation

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