How to Beautify PHP Code with php-beautifier

How to Beautify PHP Code with php-beautifier: A blog on the benefits of using a beautifier.

Any web developer that is working with PHP code knows how difficult it can be to read code that has not been properly formatted. Whether it was written by you or someone else, without proper formatting, the code becomes much more difficult to understand. In addition, any type of code will look sloppy and unprofessional if it is not organized in a way that is easy for others to learn from and work on. Using an application such as the php-beautifier will allow you to format your php quickly so that it is easier for you or others to work with.

The Benefits of Using a Beautifier

It can be very frustrating to look at php code that has not been properly formatted. For example, all of the code may be written in one long line without any spaces or carriage returns. Because of this, reading the code can be very difficult. It can also be difficult if there are no indentations or if the spacing between characters is off. With the php-beautifier, you can quickly organize your code in a way that makes sense so you can easily read it and work on it later on.

Using an application such as the php-

Beautifying code is a process whereby the original, unformatted code is converted into a more visually appealing and readable format, with standardized spacing and indenting. Beautifying code can reduce errors caused by incorrect indenting, improve readability and make it easier to maintain the code.

php-beautifier is a command line tool written in PHP that beautifies your PHP source files by adding indents, whitespaces and line breaks to them. It uses the PHP tokenizer to parse the source code, and then adds the required formatting. It can also be used for javascript files.

The php-beautifier tool takes two arguments:

Usage: php-beautifier [options] [file]…

-l –indent_with_space Indent with spaces instead of tabs

-s –indent_size Number of spaces/tabs to use for indentation (default = 4)

-p –linefeed Linefeed style (unix=LF, mac=CR, windows=CRLF) (default = unix)

-b –braces_newline Always put opening braces on new line (Allman / ANSI style)

-a –block_comments

A PHP Code Beautifier is a tool that will beautify your php code by adding white space and using standard formatting rules.

The purpose of this tool is to make the PHP code more legible and readable for humans. In many cases, because of the way it works, the beautified code is also more efficient for the computer to run.

The beautifier can be used in two ways: from a command line interface or through a web browser. If you are not familiar with using a command line on your computer please see the instructions for using a web browser here: Using PHP-Beautifier from your browser.

Using PHP-Beautifier from the Command Line

If you are like me you probably love to write code that is readable. Unfortunately, this seems to be a rare trait among programmers these days. The main reason for this is that we are all in such a hurry to get our work done, we often skip on the little details. I know I am guilty of it!

I have found it very helpful to take some extra time and format my code properly. It not only makes it easier for me to read, but also for others. One of my favorite ways of doing this is with php-beautifier. This handy tool takes uglified PHP code and makes it readable again.

It is very easy to use and can save you time in the long run.

php-beautifier is a PHP script that makes PHP code easier to read, especially if it has been minified or obfuscated. It can convert shorthand PHP into full PHP, and make the PHP easier to read by inserting spaces and newlines where required.

The PHP Beautifier tool is a well known program which can help you to get your PHP codes in the right shape. If you are a PHP developer or a web developer, you would be aware that the PHP code is not easy to read and it has several tags and strings which can be very difficult to understand. For example, if you have written a code and then want to read it again after some time, it would not make any sense because of its unorganized structure. This is where the PHP Beautifier comes in handy. The beautifier parses the code and converts it into a structured format where each line of code will be organized in the right manner.

The main function of this tool is to organize your PHP code in a structured manner so that it will become easier for you to read and understand what you have written at a later time.

You can download this tool from the internet for free and install it on your computer. Once installed, you can just copy and paste your original PHP code into its interface and click on the “beautify” button to get the output. This output will be an organized version of your original code with all the tags and strings placed in an organized manner so that you can easily follow them.

It also helps you save

php-beautifier is an application that will help you to make your code more readable and more understandable by beautifying it. It can be used to fix the indentation of a file, or to convert all whitespaces and blank lines into a consistent style. It works according to the rules specified in a configuration file.

For example, if we take the following code:

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