How We Mastered Coding after Two Weeks

We were tasked with learning how to code and creating the “Khan Academy of Coding” in two weeks.

We are going to explain which programming languages we recommend and why, along with tips and tricks.

The first step is to get a good text editor. The simplest one that we recommend is Sublime Text 2 (free). Another good one is Visual Studio Code (also free). You can also use Notepad++ for Windows or TextWrangler for Macs.

If you want to get into web development, you should learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you are interested in doing apps or games, we recommend learning Python or C++.

For HTML and CSS, we suggest doing some of the tutorials on Khan Academy (HTML & CSS). These tutorials will teach you everything you need to know about these languages.

For JavaScript, you can check out the Khan Academy tutorials as well as Codecademy’s JavaScript course. Codecademy has a lot more content than Khan Academy does for this language.

For Python, there are courses on Udacity and Coursera that are both excellent options but require more time than the other options listed here. If you don’t have that much time, check out CodeCombat (requires an account

How We Mastered Coding after Two Weeks

We had two weeks to learn how to code. We decided to make games for a nonprofit organization that helps children in the hospital. Here’s what we learned about the process and the tools we used along the way.

I was terrified of coding before I started this project. In my mind, learning how to code meant having to spend hours upon hours memorizing a long list of syntax and functions from scratch, so when I first heard about Khan Academy’s new Computing section, I was skeptical that it would be able to teach me anything in just a few days. I was wrong. The program is easy to use, fun and engaging, and teaches you everything you need to know in order to create simple games using JavaScript. It’s honestly amazing that something like this exists, and it’s entirely free! Below is my experience with learning how to code using Khan Academy Computer Programming.

It took us around 2-3 days of mindless sitting in front of our laptops until we started feeling comfortable with the language, but once we got over that initial hump, things started falling into place. It’s actually quite satisfying when you write a line of code and see your character do an action or see some color

A few months ago, my husband, who I’ll call Mr. X, decided that he wanted to learn how to code. He’s a scientist and had heard that it was a good skill to have that would make him more marketable and also help him to better understand certain aspects of his work. As someone with a background in music (not math), the idea of coding seemed totally foreign to me. However, when he expressed an interest in learning how to code, I immediately jumped on board and said I’d learn too!

Now just over two weeks later, we’ve both figured out how to code pretty decently, and as a result have already experienced a number of benefits from this knowledge. Today we’re going to share with you what we did in order to learn coding so quickly, which languages we recommend for beginners (and experts) and why, along with some tips and tricks for learning how to code effectively. So let’s get started!

Khan Academy’s mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. We’ve been teaching coding on Khan Academy for the past two years, and we’ve been blown away by the response. Over 10 million people have made their own projects in our code editor—both adults and kids, both beginning programmers and professionals looking to sharpen their skills.

We’ve learned a lot about how people learn to program from this experience. Here are some things we think we understand pretty well:

What kind of coding skills are useful for today’s job market

The best ways for absolute beginners to get started

The most common roadblocks that prevent people from learning programming

The hardest concepts for non-programmers to grasp

It’s time to share this knowledge with all of you so that you can learn how to code too! This guide will teach you how to master the basics of coding in just two weeks.

Two weeks into our coding classes and we’re already learning a lot about the languages we’re using, as well as the principles of programming. I’ve had a lot of people ask me which language is best for them to learn, and so I thought I would write a blog post explaining my thoughts on that.

First off, I would recommend you choose either Python or Javascript. There are great resources for both, and they’re pretty similar in terms of syntax. If you have an opinion on which one you’d prefer, go with that. Otherwise, flip a coin (or if you want to be more scientific about it, use this random number generator). Since we’re using Khan Academy for this coding class, there are two options: Python and JavaScript (and we also have another class that uses Python).

Second of all, don’t worry too much about learning the right language (i.e., “the marketable one”), because by the time your kids are ready to work in the field of programming, it may be completely different from what it is now!

Thirdly, if your kids are particularly curious about a specific language or area of programming (like web development or database

Hi, I’m Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy. Tonight, my team and I are excited to share the news that we have developed a coding platform that is revolutionizing how children learn to code.

I’ll start with some background. My team and I started Khan Academy because we think that every child deserves a world-class education. Our main focus has been on math, but we’ve also been expanding into other subjects like science, humanities, economics and programming. When I was building Khan Academy in the early days, I personally learned to code so that I could make it by myself with only one person (me) building it. Now that we’ve grown to over 100 people, we’ve decided to teach the next generation of students how to code as well. We’ve been working hard on this for the past two months and are excited that today we’re launching our new coding platform for children!

Here’s our story: In late April, my wife told me she wanted to learn how to code so she could get a job as a software engineer when she graduated from college next year. Because we’re both engineers at heart, my wife and I decided to spend our summer vacation building a website together where she could learn how to code. We spent hours each day

Khan Academy Computer Programming

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