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Are you looking for a quality mobile app development services that can help you with your app development needs? Sketches to Code is an online mobile app development services provider that has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge mobile apps.

We offer top-notch web and mobile application development services. Our team of highly qualified engineers, and technicians will assess your goals and devise a strategy to develop a product that works.

We offer end to end solutions in web development, android app development, iOS app development, cloud computing services, JavaScript development service, cross platform mobile application development, PHP web application development, software testing services and more.

Our focus on user experience and flawless coding will ensure that your mobile apps are developed with precision and attention to detail.

We at Sketch2Code offer a comprehensive suite of Mobile Development Services that leverages the strengths of mobile technologies to help businesses achieve their goals. Our mobile application development services span across all the major platforms, namely, Android and IOS. We have also developed apps for TV platforms like Android TV and Apple TV.

We develop custom mobile applications ranging from simple workflow applications to complex enterprise systems with seamless integration to your existing systems. We employ design thinking principles to ensure that our apps provide optimal user experience and are easy to use. Our apps are aesthetically pleasing, secure, scalable and well integrated with the latest technologies.

We will create mobile apps for your business!

Mobile Apps are the future of business. Stay ahead of the game and get a mobile app today!

We take your ideas and turn them into reality. Contact us to make your app dream come true.

Experience the future of mobile app development today! Sketch2Code is a service that can convert a hand-drawn user interface prototype into valid HTML code. It’s simple – draw a user interface, take a picture with your smartphone, and get the HTML code in seconds.

You can use Sketch2Code to create websites, dashboard or any other kind of UI without coding. Just draw a wireframe of the UI you want and click to see the HTML code that you can customize further using popular IDEs like Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text.

The current version of Sketch2Code uses Azure Custom Vision service to recognize the elements drawn on the picture and generate HTML markup for them.

Sketch2Code, powered by Azure AI, converts hand-drawn design sketches into valid HTML code. We help you prototype your app in minutes and without any coding skills, allowing you to get feedback from users early on.

Sketch2Code uses techniques from computer vision to analyze the content of your design sketch and generate a high fidelity HTML representation.

Sketch2Code is currently in preview. For more information or to request access, please send us a message.

The idea of a Sketch2Code is that you can create a UI in Sketch (or possibly in another UI design tool) and then run the Sketch file through some tool to convert it into code. The idea is that this will make it easier for people to put together designs and hand them off to developers.

After all, as a developer, you may not have time to learn Photoshop, or your designer may have gone on vacation or something. This would allow you to take his designs, and use them without waiting for him.

This is an important need. After all, design is the process of taking an idea and turning it into something that will delight users. Developers work by turning those ideas into code that will run on the computer. Getting from design to code is always hard, and so tools like this are always welcome.

Sketch2code is a service for converting design sketches into working HTML code. It uses artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to convert your hand-drawn design sketch into working HTML code. This is amazing technology, but it’s not magic. In order to create the best results, please follow these tips:

Draw in pencil;

Thick lines are easier for our algorithms to detect;

Use dark color, e.g. black or blue;

Use only 1 color;

Use a white background;

Don’t draw too close to the edge of the page;

Before submitting your sketch, take a picture and make sure all components are clearly visible.

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