Prisma Manufacturing With Google Cloud Platform

Prisma Manufacturing is an online manufacturing platform that makes it easy for businesses to order custom parts. The company provides an online application that lets customers upload their designs, choose the materials they want, and submit them for a quote. The quote is based on several factors: the size of the part, the materials used, and when the customer needs it delivered.

Prisma Manufacturing also offers a suite of tools that help people design their own parts. We have a 3D modeling tool for designing new parts, or modifying existing ones; we have a Designer Toolkit with libraries of common components and connections; and we have an Application Toolkit for creating entire devices, like robots or drones.

Prisma uses Google Cloud Platform products to power its platform. In this blog series we’ll talk about how Prisma uses App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery and many other tools from Google Cloud Platform to build a scalable manufacturing platform.

We recently wrapped up our first annual Google Cloud Platform for Startups competition, a contest for startups that use Google Cloud Platform technology. We received many interesting entries and were impressed by the high quality of submissions. After careful deliberation from our judges, we selected Prisma Manufacturing as the winner!

Prisma Manufacturing is a digital manufacturing platform that connects engineering teams with a global supplier network to rapidly manufacture mechanical parts. Their cloud-based software offers product engineers and manufacturers easy access to a world-class supply chain and empowers teams to bring products to market more efficiently than ever before.

We sat down with Prisma Manufacturing’s CEO, Will Anderson, to learn more about their startup story, how they leverage Google Cloud Platform technology, and what excites them most about being named our winner.

Prisma, a startup based in San Francisco, is all about how computational photography can be used to enhance images. It’s not just about filters – but leveraging the power of neural networks and artificial intelligence to improve the quality of the photos that we take on our phones. In this series of posts, I’ll take you through how they built their product, Prisma Labs co-founder and software engineer Alexey Moiseenkov will explain the technical underpinnings of their work and what Google Cloud Platform services they are using to help them grow and scale.

Prisma was started by Alexey Moiseenkov, Slava Shestopalov, and Nikita Eskov. Prior to starting the company, Alexey had been working in an investment fund while Slava had been a lead engineer at Yandex Maps. Nikita has studied at Moscow State University and worked as a research scientist at Samsung Research America and then at Yandex Search Quality Team.

The team built Prisma because they were fascinated by deep learning and wanted to do something creative with it. For them, deep learning was a way for computers to understand things like humans do – a distinctive, almost magical capability that could be used for many interesting applications. They were also inspired by Instagram

Prisma will be participating in Google Cloud Next’19 Extended on July 28th in San Francisco. This year, we are going to run a coding competition to find the best talent in the Bay Area.

The competition will be held at our booth (Booth

We want to thank everyone who participated in the Google Cloud Platform Competition. We had a tremendous response and received over 200 entries from all over the world. These projects are amazing, and we wish we could just award each and every one of them.

The entries were evaluated by Google Cloud Platform team and our esteemed panel of judges, including:

Albert Greenberg, Distinguished Engineer, Google

Nirvan Pujari, Sr. Product Manager, Google Compute Engine

Mitch Garnaat, Sr. Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform

James Watters, Sr. Marketing Manager, Google Cloud Platform

We are happy to announce the winners:

Grand Prize Winners (two winners)

On Friday, February 24, mid-day US Pacific Time we will be hosting a live coding competition on Google Cloud Platform.

This event is open to everyone with no prior experience necessary. You can participate from anywhere in the world and you don’t have to have any specialized knowledge or training – just some programming skills (in any language), a laptop and an internet connection.

The competition will last two hours. During the first hour, we will give you a problem to solve. You can code your solution using any environment you like; you don’t need to use Google Cloud Platform (GCP). However, during the second hour, you will need to migrate your application to run on GCP. We will provide instructions on how to do this.

The competition will be scored as follows:

First Hour: The judges will assign arbitrary points based on correctness of your solution and quality of coding style.

Second Hour: Your application’s performance on GCP will be measured automatically by the number of requests per second it can handle under load.

We are excited to see what you come up with!

The other night my daughter was going through a stack of old photos. She came across one taken on her second birthday, and asked me who the people in the photo were. I recognized my wife, my father-in-law, and myself, but didn’t recognize the woman holding her. I told her it must be a friend of ours visiting from out of town.

“Is that what you really think,” she asked me, “or is that what you remember?”

I realized that she was onto something. A few years ago, Mary and I had a similar conversation about the same photo. She told me that the woman holding our daughter was her mother’s cousin; someone we hadn’t seen in several years. I had remembered it differently.

The lesson I took from this is that memory is imperfect and fallible; even the memories of things we think we will never forget can become distorted over time.

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