Top 5 Ways to Get Into GSOC

Top 5 Ways to Get Into GSOC: a blog about getting into gsoc. This blog is not an authoritative source on getting into gsoc, but it might help you get some ideas.

1. Find a good mentor

2. Read the documentation

3. Write some code

4. Ask for help when you need it

5. Repeat step 2 through 4 until you are happy with your project

Top 5 Ways to Get Into GSOC

Google Summer of Code is an annual program that invites university students who want to open source and get paid for it.

Getting into Google Summer of Code is about two things: making your application stand out, and having a good project idea that you can execute. It’s important to remember that the competition is fierce and only a few students get accepted each year. So, in order to improve your chances, it’s best to start early (as soon as the program gets announced) and prepare yourself as much as you can. I hope this blog will help you to do just that!

1) Beginner-friendly projects

Since GSoC is a 3 months long summer internship, it’s always better to pick up a beginner-friendly project instead of something very complicated. This doesn’t mean that you should be lazy or choose an easy project over a hard one just because “it’s easy”. Instead, look for projects that are smaller in scope but have more impact while not being too difficult to work on. Remember, during GSoC you will be completing a significant amount of work on your own (and being paid for it!). So, make sure that

5 ways to get into GSOC

Each year, a few thousand students from all over the world are selected to contribute to one of the many open source projects that are part of the Google Summer of Code program. This blog will cover some tips and tricks on how you can improve your chances of getting into GSOC this summer.

1. Read the documentation:

The documentation is the best place to start learning about the process of applying for GSOC. Read through everything and make sure you understand it before moving on. If there are any questions then ask them in the comments section below or reach out to us via email at – we’d love to answer them for you!

2. Choose an organization:

Read through all of their open source projects and see if anything interests you. Make sure it isn’t too big or complicated – something that can be completed within three months would be ideal! If none seem interesting enough then maybe look at other organizations like Mozilla Foundation or Red Hat Software Foundation (they have lots!).

3. Find mentors:

This is a very important step because mentors will help guide your proposal and provide feedback when necessary throughout the summer months (if they accept). They’ll also give you access to things like Google Groups

This is a blog post on how to make it into gsoc. It was written by me, a person who has made it into gsoc.

– Have a great idea

– Understand the problem

– Write clean code

– Be humble

– Have fun!

Lets get into it.

1. Get involved in an open source project and make some contributions.

2. Think of a neat project you can do that is related to the project you are contributing to.

3. Submit your proposal! If you don’t get in, don’t worry, just try again next year.

4. Make some more contributions to whatever project you were working on

5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you get in!

If you have any questions about Google Summer of Code, please feel free to email me at or post your question on

1.Create a good project idea

A good project idea should be specific and have value. A good idea is one that you are excited to work on.

2.Socialize your idea

3.Make sure your project idea is actually feasible

4.Have a clear plan

5.Talk to Potential Mentors

1. Contribute to the Right Projects

2. Become a Maintainer for the Project

3. Find and Solve a Bug in their Codebase

4. Write a Blog Post

5. Join their Mailing List and Participate in Discussions

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