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What Makes It Unique: a blog about the features of our product.

The Coding Game is a new kind of game: it combines entertainment with education. It teaches programming through an interface designed to emulate real coding!

The Coding Game has different levels, that are getting harder as you progress.

To win each level, you have to code a program using the chosen language. The code executes right away: if it works fine, you can go to the next level; otherwise, you need to fix the errors before moving forward.

We currently offer 2 languages: JavaScript and Python. Each language has its own campaign, full of levels that are getting harder and harder. You can try them all for free! When you’re done, you’ll be able to create your own levels and campaigns within our platform!

In this blog series, we will explain in details what makes The Coding Game unique and how it can help you learn how to code!

The What Makes It Unique blog series is a platform for our product developers to share the ideas and functionality that go into making our products unique.

In this entry, we talk about a little known feature of one of our products: its ability to predict the future.

Part of what makes our product unique is the fact that it predicts the future. This is done by taking the latest data from our database and adding it to an algorithm which uses a concept known as artificial intelligence. The result is a prediction of what will happen in the future.

The idea behind this feature came from wanting to be able to predict outages in our system before they actually occur. We also wanted to know if there was a way we could improve upon how we were able to detect outages in the first place. The solution we came up with was using artificial intelligence to make predictions based on past data and then comparing those predictions with actual outages in order to detect any that might happen in the future.

We started using this technology back in 2005 when we realized that predicting outages would be difficult without some kind of tool like this one. We had already developed software which could alert us if something bad happened but it wasn’t until recent years where we started relying heavily on machine learning algorithms (

The primary feature of codinggame is that it allows you to create a personal coding game. The secondary feature of codinggame is that it is the best platform for creating your own interactive story.

The most important thing to note about codinggame is that it uses HTML5 and CSS3. We have spent countless hours making sure that this product works on all major browsers and platforms. While it may not work perfectly on every device (particularly some mobile devices), we are constantly improving upon our product and adding new features.

With over one billion downloads, what makes our app unique?

When we began to design the app seven years ago, our goal was simple: to create an app that would enable anyone to build their own game in just a few hours. The idea was both bold and revolutionary. It’s easy to forget now that making a game used to be a very complex job, requiring programmers and artists who worked together for years.

Today, thanks to our technology, anyone can build their own game in a matter of minutes.

1) We combine code and visuals together in one place

Most of the time, games are coded by programmers with coding languages such as C++ or Java. But our technology allows you to create your game with actions and visuals directly in our platform. Our visual scripting makes it easy for anyone—even without any technical skills—to build their own game. And the best part is that you don’t need any programming skills at all!

2) You can play your game directly from our platform

The key feature of our platform is that you can play your game directly from it—no need for you to upload it online or access it through external tools. This is also why we have been able to attract millions of players around the world.


CodingGame is a high-quality, online multiplayer programming game where players compete to level-up by writing code in their browser. What makes CodingGame unique is our approach to learning programming.

We believe that the best way for beginners to learn programming is through an interactive, intuitive and fun experience.

CodingGame combines these three features together with a social experience, allowing users to compete against each other from all over the world.

The Codinggame is in the business of providing software solutions to business problems. The Codinggame has a unique approach to solving these problems. We believe that the best way to design software is to write tests first. This unique approach makes us stand out from the competition and provides real benefits for our customers.

The Codinggame’s test-driven development system has been proven time and time again to deliver working software faster than any other system in the world. Our developers have produced the world’s fastest static website generator, and we are now using our expertise to make custom software for businesses of all sizes.

Our approach focuses on creating a systematic set of instructions for each project so that it can be completed in a reliable and efficient manner every time it is run. We call this approach “test-driven development”, or TDD for short.

In addition to our unique approach, we also provide many other services like custom branding and logo design, social media integration, mobile responsive design with Bootstrap 3 framework support (and more), as well as custom domain registration which makes your brand stand out on the web!

Codinggame is a community of coders where you can play, create and learn together.

This article aims to explain what makes Codinggame unique compared to other coding platforms.

Codinggame is focused on the developer community.

On Codinggame, developers compete with each other by creating video games in many languages : Java, Python, HTML5…

Codinggame enables you to program against real players from all over the world. You are not fighting against artificial intelligence but against real persons who are coding their own algorithms!

When you create a game, you define a scenario for the players: an arena or a labyrinth, some starting conditions, some rules… then you just have to select your language and start coding!

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