Top 10 Reasons to Use vscode vim

I am a Software Engineer working at Shopify. I have been using Vim since 2009 (thanks, Google). Recently, I discovered vscode vim and it has changed the way I use Vim.

Here are the top 10 reasons to use VSCodeVim:

1. VSCode is cross platform – you can use it on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

2. You can host VSCode on any web server with SSH access and use it from anywhere in the world via SSH (requires a web browser).

3. It has great support for Javascript/Typescript. It has built-in debugging support for NodeJS/Chrome/IE (and more) with hot reloading!

4. It comes with integrated Git version control (with GitLens plugin).

5. It integrates with full featured terminal emulators like Cmder and Conemu. You can run bash or any other shell command right inside VSCode!

6. It supports multiple cursors and column editing – very useful when doing refactors or search/replace across multiple files!

7. The best part – it comes with Vim mode! The Vim mode is built into VSCode

1. **Code faster with the hotkey-only experience.**

vscode vim is for users that want to be able to edit text fast, keeping the hand on the keyboard. The editor is full of bindings that allow you to move quickly between files and positions, insert code from your history, and manipulate code in ways that are not possible in a traditional editor.

2. **Understand your code better with automatic syntax highlighting and indentation.**

vscode vim automatically understands syntax of supported programming languages and highlights them in different colors, allowing you to focus on writing code without worrying about formatting or indentation.

3. **See how your changes will look before saving them with instant preview.**

vscode vim provides an instant preview feature, allowing you to see how your changes will look in the browser immediately after saving a file, without having to refresh the page or open a new window.

4. **Extend vscode vim with hundreds of plugins for Git, HTML and CSS, and more.**

vscode vim has a great plugin system which allows you extend its functionality by installing new plugins that add support for additional programming languages or provide other useful features. There are also many community-contributed plugins available for

1. Work smarter, not harder:

The vscode vim plugin allows you to use the same movements and actions you are already familiar with from your favorite editor in an IDE like vscode. This means you can get straight to coding without having to spend time setting up or learning a new tool.

2. It is fast:

When using vscode vim, you will be able to type very fast because of the shortcuts that are available. With a few keystrokes you can go almost anywhere in your code and make changes quickly and efficiently.

3. It is easy to learn:

Just like in other editors, opening files and moving around them is easy with only a few simple keyboard shortcuts. If you know how to open files in your favorite editor then you know how to do it with vscode vim as well! You will also be able to use the same actions that are available there such as searching for text or replacing words within a file.

4. It has great support:

If something goes wrong while working on your project then there will always be someone who can help you out within seconds – all around the world! This means no matter where in the world they are located, they still have access to someone who knows what

1. Do you like to work in the command line?

If you answer yes, then why use another editor that requires you to work in the gui? You can use vscode vim for all of your projects.

2. Do you like to customize your editor?

Do you have a favorite color scheme, or do you change your color scheme often? With vscode vim, you can easily change your color scheme. You can also choose from many different fonts and font sizes.

3. Do you like to work with multiple panes at one time?

With vscode vim, you can open multiple windows and split them into various combinations of panes, each running a different program. You can also run several programs in a single pane. vscode vim has multiple commands for creating new panes and resizing existing ones. You can even use the mouse to create and resize panels if you prefer that method.

4. Are you concerned about how much energy your computer is using?

vscode vim is very power-efficient because it doesn’t use much memory or CPU power when it’s not in use. This means that your battery will last longer between charges, which will save money on your electric bill as well as reduce

1. It makes you a better developer

2. It is easy to switch between normal mode and insert mode

3. It is keyboard focused, which means fewer distractions

4. It has a lot of shortcuts

5. It is customizable

6. You can quickly modify the contents of multiple lines of text at once

7. You can easily search and replace words in your code

8. You can use vim plugins to add more functionality to vscode vim

9. You don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard when using vscode vim

10. You can use it with other editors such as Atom, Sublime Text, or Visual Studio Code

When I first started using VSCode, my development was all about the mouse; clicking on the menus, scrolling around and clicking on different things. Even though I had been using Vim for years, it never really “clicked” for me. When I started using VSCodeVim, I finally understood not only what Vim could do for me, but also how to use it effectively.

When you first start using VSCodeVim, you will run into some issues. This guide walks through some of the common issues and how to avoid them.

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* Vim is a great editor

* Save time with smart editing features like multiple cursors

* It’s fun to use!

* Heavily customizable (but not required!)

* It’s fast. Really fast.

* Never leave the home row again!

* A great community that keeps improving and adding more powerful features

* plugins, plugins, and more plugins

* Integrated terminal support

* Great for pair programming

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